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# ShopSafe # StaySafe
With Covid restrictions changing on Monday, we @ The Pine House Co wanted to let you know how we will be responding in store.
❤ Our approach is “Safe and Steady” ❤
❤ # ShopSafe # StaySafe ❤
1. Staff will continue to wear face coverings. We have vulnerable loved ones who we wish to continue to protect and respect that you may have too. Whilst not compulsory for you to wear a face covering from Monday, in line with Government recommendations, we would continue to welcome the support of those able and wishing to wear a face covering when shopping with us thankyou.
2.Our cleaning station will remain in place for those who wish to use it
3. Social distancing indicators remain in place in store for your use should you so wish to observe them
4. Cleaning and hygiene standards will continue to be maintained in store
5. Staff continue to take regular covid tests
6. Doorstep delivery protocols will remain in place.
7. Track and Trace QR code remains I store should you wish to use it
❤ We can’t thank you enough for the support you have shown us over the last 16months ❤
# ShopSafe # StaySafe
Thank you everyone x Jackie & Sarah

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