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Beautiful Living Room furniture for your home

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About Our Living Room Furniture

Well made, well designed furniture invites you to relax after a hard day and unwind and at The Pine House Company we take your well being seriously. Our ranges of hand made furniture continue to furnish your home right through into your living spaces, producing a natural flow throughout your house exuding quality and warmth from stylish, peaceful lines and curves.

All our TV Units, Bookcases, Display Cabinets, Coffee Tables, Lamp Tables, Occasional Tables, Sideboards and Cupboards are made from solid wood – NO VENEERS, NO MDF.

We favour traditional finishes of paints, waxes and oils to form hard wearing, durable finishes. Lacquered finishes are also available.

Living Room Furniture, like all our furniture CAN BE MADE ANY SIZE.

We also have lots of standard sizes for you to choose from and lots in stock to take home straight away!

Choosing your Living Room Furniture couldn’t be easier!

  • TV UNITS / MULTI MEDIA : Measure the electrical equipment you wish to accommodate taking into account any plugs and fixings that may require extra space. Decide whether you wish to have a corner unit or straight wall unit and choose your size. Then select from open shelving, drawers, cupboards with solid or glazed panels or a combination.


  • COFFEE, LAMP AND OCCASSIONAL TABLES: Firstly choose the size of table you want and the style of legs you would like; turned, shaker, tapered or chamfered. Then select whether you would like a shelving, open or drawers and remember our drawers can be one way or two way so as to be accessible from both sides.


  • BOOKCASES: Choose the size that you require and the type of bookcase fixing you would like from fixed, brass bookcase strip adjustable fixings, wooden ladder racking fixings or pegs. Then select the number of shelves you would like, whether you would like drawers or cupboards combined with your bookcase and if you have a special depth that you require remember to make a note and bring it with you.


  • DRESSERS, SIDEBOARDS & DISPLAY CABINETS: Choose the size of dresser of sideboard you want and whether you would like standard or soft closing drawers, open topped shelving, wine racks, spice racks, glazed or solid doors.


  1. Measure your ideal size and tell us your dimensions. We may have just the thing in stock but if not, we’ll make it!
  2. Choose your style; Shaker, Edwardian, Victorian, Oslo, Chepstow etc.. or a combination of the them
  3. Choose the wood you would like; Pine, Rustic Plank, Reclaimed Timber, Driftwood, Oak.
  4. Choose the thickness of the top; 25mm, 40mm or 70mm* (*where available)
  5. Select the finish you would like; waxed, oiled, Farrow and Ball Painted colour, vintage or a combination of these.

Then just sit back, relax and let us do the rest!



We look forward to seeing you soon at

The Pine House Company –

Happy Shopping!


Top Tips for Living Room Furniture buying…Before you start shopping!


  • Look at your space before you start shopping ; our showroom is large and the setting can be deceptive so before you visit, look at the space you have, measure an ideal size that you would like; consider doors, windows, walkways and other pieces of furniture that the room may have such as sideboards or display cabinets…and then jump in the car armed with your information!


  • Don’t worry if you forget your tape measure, we have plenty on hand for you to borrow!


  • When choosing bookcases consider the depth of the books you wish to accommodate –all measurements are take into account overall widths and depths to include plinths and top overhangs but we can make shelves the exact size of those awkward encyclopaedias or box files so there’s no need to put up with them protruding any longer! The same applies to sideboards and dressers if you have a particular dinner plate or serving dish size you wish to accommodate. Measuring now will save you not only time and effort but potentially money too!


  • When measuring up for TV and multi media stands, measure your equipment before you shop – don’t forget to think about the height of the unit you would like as sofa’s and chairs vary and room proportions may mean that you prefer a lower unit for covering longer distances or higher unit for shorter distances.


  • Wood Finish; whilst a scratch on a lacquered finish often requires expensive refurbishment by professionals (or the use of well positioned plants or table cloths to conceal!) painted, waxed and oiled finishes not only accentuate the natural beauty of the wood itself but should an accident occur, they can be re-worked at less expense, more often than not by yourself, making them the favourite of craftsmen and customers alike.


  • As the old saying goes; “You get what you pay for” and this is so true with all furniture. As a general rule; the harder the wood the more durable it is and understandably the more expensive it is as generally hard woods take longer to grow. That’s’ not to say soft woods don’t have their place and are still a top favourite


  • Consider your budget and lifestyle and go for the wood and finish that best suits your needs.


And Finally…


 We look forward to seeing you soon at

The Pine House Company – Happy Shopping!

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