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Beautiful Kitchens and Kitchen furniture for your home

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About Our Kitchens




The Kitchen lies at the heart of many homes and we at The Pine House Company know how important it is for practicality and style to blend together perfectly.


We offer Fitted and Free-Standing Kitchens…with a twist!


  • ALL OUR UNITS CAN BE MADE ANY SIZE! No more unsightly filler panels, use all your space!


  • All our units are fully assembled, solid pine units. NOT FLAT PACK.


  • We also make units in Oak, No-Knots Pine, Rustic Plank Timber, Reclaimed Timber and Driftwood Timber.


  • They require no hanging or adjusting of doors as all units are individually ready to slide in place.
  • Fitted Kitchen Units require minimal fitting – they can be positioned side by side, secured and the worktop fitted (it’s so easy that many of our customers fit them themselves!)
  • Integrated Appliance doors can be made any size to fit your appliance
  • Free-Standing Units require simply putting in place
  • All units are made with a pipe / service / electric cavity to the rear
  • Our kitchens can be bought with wooden worktops or without worktops allowing you the flexibility to use existing worktops or fit non-wood worktops such as granite.


  • Our worktops are made from solid planks of Oak, Pine, Rustic Plank, Reclaimed and Driftwood timbers – planks of wood, not blocked.


  • Just want to replace your doors and drawer fronts? No problem! Simply bring us the measurements and we can make them for you.


All our units are made from solid wood – NO VENEERS, NO MDF.


We favour traditional finishes of paints, waxes and oils to form hard wearing, durable finishes. Lacquered finishes are also available.


Kitchen Furniture, like all our furniture CAN BE MADE ANY SIZE.


We also have lots of standard sizes for you to choose from and lots of free-standing items in stock to take home straight away!


We look forward to seeing you soon at

The Pine House Company – Happy Shopping!



The Process

We are not a kitchen a company and as such we do not employ designers or fitters.


We concentrate on what we do best – making furniture, whilst we let the fitters do what they do best – measuring and fitting kitchens!


With many customers undertaking building extensions and house renovations themselves this also means that you can use your existing tradesmen, just let us know your timescales.


Many customers come to us with computer generated kitchen plans or simply a list of units that they require. We make any unit, any size, so whilst we do make 600 base units for example, there’s no need to stick to standard kitchen sizes – if you need a 647mm base unit with a soft closing drawer and cupboard or a pan drawer that needs a height of 427 internally we can make it!


With lead times of typically 4-6 weeks you can have a hand made kitchen at the fraction of the price.


But what if you don’t have a kitchen plan or list of units?


Over the years we have compiled details of local tradesmen who we have worked with or have been recommended by customers to us over the years whose details we pass on in good faith. Many fitters offer a complete service; measuring and planning often as a free estimate, and not only fit units but tile, plumb, work with electrics and gas supplies as well as complete all general building work. When contacting a kitchen fitter ask them if they are willing to provide a plan or list of units for your quote and then simply provide this to us to obtain your bespoke handmade kitchen quote.


As we are not a kitchen company we don’t get involved in fitting and so you aren’t paying for the information, we simply pass it on as a goodwill to do with as you so wish –


As such we stress that any contact details given are without bias and are done so in good faith; that we are in no way responsible for any works or services undertaken by tradesmen as a result of passing on contact details with whom you may subsequently contract to carry out any works for you; that should you choose to contract a builder/kitchen fitter as a result of contact details handed to you by ourselves that the workmanship and fitting is solely a contract between you and the fitter/builder; that we in no way employ any fitters ourselves and that we are solely responsible for the units only.


We would always strongly recommend that you ask for references and examples of work before undertaking a contract with any tradesman and check with appropriate regulatory bodies (for example “checkatrade” or trading standards and the like etc..) before entering into any contract.


We will work with the fitter or yourselves to plan in the arrival of your units so that any works that may be completed prior to fitting has time to be completed.


We offer different kitchen styles and finishes, all of which can be seen in our showroom and we would be delighted to present to you the options available.


All that’s left to do then is to choose!

Top Tips For Kitchen Buying

Top Tips for Kitchen buying…Before you start shopping!


  • Look at your space before you start shopping ; our showroom is large and the setting can be deceptive so before you visit, look at the space you have, measure an ideal layout that you would like; consider doors, windows, walkways and other pieces of furniture that the room may have such as sideboards, bookcases or display cabinets…and then jump in the car armed with your information!


  • Don’t worry if you forget your tape measure, we have plenty on hand for you to borrow!


  • Measuring now will save you not only time and effort but potentially money too!


  • When thinking about worktops consider your surface choice wisely. Wood requires ongoing maintenance. Softwood worktops such as pine will mark easier than harder woods such as oak.


  • Consider the areas around sinks and appliances as these will take a lot of wear and tear – wood will require regular oiling or waxing to maintain a water resistance surface. Hot pans cannot be placed directly onto wooden surfaces and marks can occur where water is left un-wiped. If this does not sound practical for you, you may wish to consider a man-made substitute or stone/mineral product such as granite.


  • You may consider a lacquered worktop finish – it doesn’t require the everyday maintenance that oiled and waxed finishes do. This makes it in some ways an attractive finish to wooden kitchen tops. However, painted, waxed and oiled finishes not only accentuate the natural beauty of the wood itself but should an accident occur, they can be re-worked at less expense, more often than not by yourself, making them the favourite of craftsmen and customers alike. Lacquers can scratch and if they can be repaired, may require a professional to do so. Laminated worktops are cheaper and most don’t require special everyday maintenance.


  • As the old saying goes; “You get what you pay for” and this is so true with all furniture. As a general rule; the harder the wood the more durable it is and understandably the more expensive it is as generally hard woods take longer to grow. That’s’ not to say soft woods don’t have their place – you can’t get better than a beautifully scrubbed down surface for that traditional feel and are still a top favourite.


  • Consider your budget and lifestyle and go for the wood and finish that best suits your needs.

And Finally…


We look forward to seeing you soon at

The Pine House Company – Happy Shopping!

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