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Monk Settle with Storage shown here. Dining Table Benches from £100. all made any size

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Bespoke 4ft6 Settle with storage

4ft6 settle with storage. Made with a recess at the back to create a shelf perfect for photographs, phones, plants..do you like what you see?…pop in and see it for yourself 😁 height 84cm D55cm L137cm priced £576 (3/9/19) made any size

Reclaimed Timber topped, turned leg bench, Painted legs

Reclaimed Timber topped, turned leg bench, Painted Farrow and Ball James White and made to fit between the legs of any dining table.


Range of painted Farrow and Ball Colours can be teamed with different timbers such as Driftwood, Reclaimed Timber, Pine, Oak and Rustic Plank timbers.

Settles with storage and backs also available made any size.

Settle and Chairs

Just a small tasty selection of some of the hand made furniture orders ready for delivery/collection.

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