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About Our Waxed Finishes

All our hand made Pine, Reclaimed, Driftwood and Rustic Plank Furniture is

Hand Waxed here at the Pine House Company.

We offer 10 different waxed colours ranging from our lightest Mellow right through to Dark Oak.

Because we do all the waxing ourselves it means that we also have the flexibility to colour match as best we can to customers existing pieces. Many customers bring us an example of the colour they would like or a small item from the room in which their new piece is to go, such as a drawer or shelf. We then work with our customers to find a colour from our swatches that best matches and compliments the tones in the existing pieces.

Wood ages over time as a natural response to light and heat exposure and this can bring out beautiful variations in the wood which a natural waxed finish brings to life and intensifies.

The woods that we use benefits from irregular grain patterns, knots and colours. We make no attempt to alter the natural flaws that occur as this is what makes no piece identical but every piece unique.

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